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The personal and family security you want.

Plus what you need.

  • Family Locate

    Knowing is everything. Get an instant visual of where a device or family member is located on a map, for immediate peace of mind.

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  • Driver Safety

    Receive alerts when your children are texting, calling and browsing while driving. Motion activated technology makes sure that nothing comes between your child's hands and the wheel.

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  • Footprints

    Better than breadcrumbs. Keep track of a device’s location history using Snap Secure’s GPS technology. Hansel and Gretel wish they had it this good!

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  • Safety Zones

    Your neighborhood is safe. It's what is beyond it that you worry about. Set up virtual safety zones to receive alerts when a registered device moves in or out of a designated geographic area.

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  • Panic Button

    On a bad date? Caught in a sticky situation? Activate your Personal Panic Button to automatically call 911 or alert an emergency contact of your location by email, phone or text.

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360° data security.

When it comes to your data, don't cut corners.

  • Backup & Restore

    Don't take chances with your data, keep contacts, calendar, texts, call logs, and more, automatically backed up in the cloud. Cross-platform compatibility allows you to easily restore data to any device!

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  • Anti-virus

    Snap Secure automatically scans for dangerous viruses, spyware and malware that could destroy your data, while staying up-to-date on the latest threats from around the world.
    Antivirus applicable to Android only

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    AntiVirus powered by Bitdefender

    "Bitdefender is this year's winner"
    January 2014 | PC MAG Bitdefender

  • App Transparency

    It’s nobody’s business but yours. Allow only authorized apps to access the personal info on your phone. Update permissions and manage restrictions from any device.

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  • Privacy and Spam Control

    Say goodbye to spam and hello to privacy! Snap Secure’s filters put you in control of your personal information and kicks unwanted communication to the curb.

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  • Call & Text Monitoring

    2,741 texts. 63 calls. 18 apps. Zero surprises. Keep tabs on the call, text and app download activity of every registered device.

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Device protection.

Because your smartphone is the new "man's best friend."

  • SIM Guardian

    Meet your personal identity guardian. Automatically receive an alert and activate a device lockdown if a foreign SIM card is detected in your smartphone.

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  • Device Locate

    A lost phone is no obstacle for Snap Secure. See the location of your missing device on a map or trigger an Audio Ping alert to find it nearby, even if your phone is on silent.

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  • Lock & Wipe

    Phone lost or stolen? Freaking out about someone seeing your photos and texts? Remotely lock or wipe your smartphone to ensure no one sees your private stuff.

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  • Remote Camera Control

    Someone steal your phone? Looking to channel Sherlock Holmes? Remotely activate your device’s camera to get a visual of what’s going on with your device.

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Total file management.

It's more fun than it sounds.

  • Auto Sync

    Keep your digital life continuously backed up and accessible. If you lose connectivity during a sync, it’ll automatically restart once the connection is live.

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  • Auto Camera Sync

    Take a picture on your smartphone and it instantly syncs to the cloud. Access all photos from any device no matter where you are!  It's not magic, it's Snap Sync!

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  • Sync by File Type

    Pick which folders and file formats sync to your personal cloud, preventing unwanted storage consumption. From first drafts to your favorite photos, you name it and we’ll sync it.

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  • Photo Management

    Keep the beauty in your photos with high resolution uploads and view them fast with grid, list or timeline organization. Download synced photos to your device or share them fast by email or link.

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  • Cross Platform

    Your devices are as unique as you are. Snap Sync's cross-platform technology syncs your content across all your devices, keeping it safe in the cloud and accessible from anywhere.

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Organize and share.

Satisfy the A type and the flower child within.

  • Family Room

    Share photos, videos, music and documents among family members in a secure private area. It's the modern day family room!

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  • File Share

    Share or download files with ease. Snap Sync makes it easy to share all types of files, even large ones, by email or link.

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  • Access & Organize

    Save time and energy by letting Snap Sync be your personal assistant. Simply designate file types, devices and folders and we’ll do the rest.

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  • Filter & Favorites

    It's okay to have a favorite. Identify and manage the files you access most with filters and favorites labeling.

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  • Privacy and Permissions

    Even if you’re on a device that is part of a family plan, you can keep individual files private. Nobody needs to know you have the entire Kenny G discography. Nobody.

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Stream and manage your music.

No matter where life takes you.

  • Cloud Streaming

    Stream music between any device and the cloud. Your favorite songs are always with you, no matter what device you're using.

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  • Import iTunes Library

    Snap Play and Snap Sync work together so you can stream your entire iTunes library from any device. So go ahead...rock a Mac computer at home, but take an Android or Kindle on the go. Your musical entertainment won't skip a beat.

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  • Dynamic Playlists

    Whether you're composing a first date soundtrack or you want to keep the family reunion pumpin', create the perfect playlist with Snap Play.

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  • Auto Organize

    View songs by track, artist, album or genre. Keep your music collection exactly the way you want it and all your favorite songs organized in one convenient place.

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  • Discover Music

    Find concerts in your area that match your tastes or listen to artists of a similar genre. Snap Play is your sound playground and will keep you dialed into new music that you'll love.

    Available only on Windows Phone 8.

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