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A Conversation with Snap One’s Jeff Thomas About the New Control4 Vibrant Lighting Line of Products

One of Snap One’s core offerings is Control4. For almost two decades Control4 has been a leading manufacturer of auto­mation and networking systems for homes and businesses, offering a unified smart operating platform to connect the wide range of technologies found in the modern performance space — lighting, audio, video, climate control, intercom and security. Their platform works with tens of thousands of third-party products and orchestrates more than 15 million connected devices worldwide.

Control4 has been in the lighting control space for some time, offering configurable interfaces that add the magic of automa­tion to any home. Custom engraved and backlit keypads and displays offer instant, at-a-glance feedback to tell you what lights are on, in addition to safety alerts to see if the front door is locked, or if the garage door is left open.

Recently, Control4 announced their first lighting product branded under the Vibrant banner, consisting initially of tun­able, dimmable tape lighting. To learn more about where they plan to take the lighting division, I sat down with Jeff Thomas, Vice President of Product Management for Lighting.

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