Privacy and Security Policies and Notices

Privacy Policy

This is Snap One’s privacy policy for end users of Snap One products and services, as well as Snap One partners. The purpose of this Policy is to explain how we collect personal information and data about you, why we collect it, and what we do with it. By accepting and/or using our products or services, either for your own use or for resale, you acknowledge you have read and understood this Policy.
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Privacy and Security Principles

We are committed to earning and maintaining customer trust by focusing on six key principles related to privacy, control, transparency, security, legal compliance, and limits on how we use customer data. As always, we do not sell customer data.
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Cyber Security Statement

This statement provides an overview of how we protect our data and network.
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Data Privacy Addendum for Snap One Dealers in the UK/EU

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Law Enforcement Guidelines

These guidelines are intended for use by government and law enforcement agencies when seeking information about Snap One customers from Snap One.
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OvrC Notice for End-Users

This Notice is intended to help explain to end users of Snap One connected products how OvrC functions. If you have OvrC enabled on your network and/or connected devices, please review the information provided herein.
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Inactive Customer Account Policy

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