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Making Service a Successful Part of Your Business Strategy

Integrators know that commissioning and handing over a system does not signal the end of a project.


Far from it. After all, this is the point when customers typically start to use the technology for the first time. At this point, we see from the customer a need for access to support and service from the integrator to overcome any teething problems with the system. Beyond this need, there is a longer-term requirement to deal with any system issues that might arise from defective or malfunctioning equipment, software upgrades, and more at various points throughout the lifetime of an installation.

Of course, the amount of support and service needed may vary from job to job. However, customers will fall into one of two camps. One is super needy and requires a lot of support, education and re-education in how their system operates. This type of client eats up time and resources from the service side of an integrator’s business. They’re high touch and high demand.  


The other customer type is the one that really loves their integrator, enjoys a great relationship and doesn't want to bother them. With this type of customer, the integrator may have a conversation with them, maybe one, two or three times a year. Instead of these being really productive conversations about what’s new and what potential upgrade options might be available, this customer will reel off a list of issues with the technology that they’ve compiled, stored and which need resolving. As a result, this type of conversation ends up being nowhere near as productive as it could be for both parties.


How can integrators stop service and support becoming a drain on their business in these ways and transform it into a powerful engine for future business growth?

First of all, it takes a change in mindset where service and maintenance is embraced as a core part of the business strategy and not seen as a black hole for time, resource and profitability.


Next, there’s an investment in the right platform to help you deliver service intelligently and efficiently.


OvrC® Pro is the reliable cloud-based remote management and monitoring (RMM) platform from Snap One, designed exclusively for professionals and available free of any recurring software licence fee or extra hardware costs. From setup to support, it empowers integrators to install, monitor, and troubleshoot connected devices remotely, helping them to solve problems quickly and keep customers’ systems up and running.  


Embedded within all recent Control4®Controllers, Araknis® networking kit and the dedicated OvrC Pro Hub, OvrC Pro automatically finds all IP-connected devices on the network, relaying relevant device information and regularly pinging their online status.  Designed to streamline workflow, the OvrC Pro Location Dashboard view gives integrators all the information they need to make RMM a valuable and functional tool for their business.


Once on board with OvrC Pro, integrators have another option that can help add even greater efficiency into their service and maintenance offering with Parasol.  Parasol is an OvrC Pro-based remote support service, built by integrators for integrators, that allows Snap One Partners to offer subscription-based customer support solutions.


Parasol helps streamline the customer service experience and process to enhance relationships with existing customers and ensure company operations stay on schedule. It can be the first line of defence for customer support, giving clients unlimited round the clock access to fully qualified, remotely located technicians, everyday of the year.  


The Parasol solution is proven to help partners resolve 70% of customer issues remotely with one touch, delivering participating customers true peace of mind while reducing the need for expensive, inconvenient and time-consuming service calls and showing they are being heard and appreciated. Not only can integrators create a new, steady revenue stream, but they can also reduce service costs and labour, allowing them to focus on new sales and installations.


Invest in your business future. Invest in professional, high quality service and maintenance. Invest in Parasol, powered by OvrC Pro.    

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