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RMR, Collaboration & Networking to Impact Channel in Major Way: Snap One’s 2024 Industry Forecast

One of the most influential companies in the custom integration industry is Snap One, whose stable of brands represents the swatch of categories that integrators deliver to clients.

Chief among Snap One brands in the spotlight since the pandemic is Access Networks, which provides enterprise-grade home networking. As more IoT devices sit on home networks, a supplier like Access Networks that dealers can lean on for their networking designs has become more important than ever.


As part of CE Pro’s industry forecast for 2024, we had Snap One CEO John Heyman and Access Networks VP GM Managed Services Bryce Nordstrand share their perspectives on what’s in store for the channel.


John Heyman, CEO, Snap One

“In 2024, we’ll continue investing in software to ensure products work well together as well as continue prioritizing the consumer experience and expectations.


“Additionally, we’re focused on developing new product launches and innovations since we know that DIY devices actually don’t play well in the pro install market. While they may cost less to install, they can’t be depended on to deliver the experiences our market requires over time nor are they healthy for the business model of an integrator.

“In terms of new opportunities, we’re expecting recurring revenue streams will become much more prevalent. We also expect to see greater collaboration between manufacturers and their integrator partners, as well as a higher demand and popularity of surveillance systems to protect homes and businesses.

“Looking ahead, we plan to continue strengthening the industry by placing a greater emphasis on open ecosystems. We expect to see the custom installation ecosystem grow, expand, and become more complex as new devices and software become available to be integrated into the existing ecosystem.


“What’s more, they need to align themselves with manufacturers who can grow their business through the creation of new revenue streams that will become even more important over time. 2024 is going to be a pivotal year in our industry. Partners need to do everything they can to stay ahead of the curve.”


Bryce Nordstrand, VP GM Managed Services, Access Networks

“Networking has always been a foundational part of a well-connected home or business, but until recently it was overshadowed by the shinier boxes in the room — AV, lighting, shades, basically everything but that vital communications backbone. Those days are over, and networking is enjoying its day in the limelight, a sought-after amenity by consumers, and a best-seller in an integrator’s portfolio.


“Yet, there’s still so much we as manufacturers can do to push the capabilities of the network even further, to provide our dealer partners solutions that simplify installation and configuration and support the increasingly sophisticated digital experiences end-users crave. It’s all in the works at Snap One and Access Networks.


“Our obsession with developing and deploying reliable, consistent, enterprise-grade networking is just as strong in 2024 as it’s ever been and we’re taking several great strides in the coming year to keep the momentum going. So, what’s in store for the networking category and how does Access Networks’ plan align? Here’s a snapshot:


No discussion about Wi-Fi networking is complete without mentioning Wi-Fi 7. Yes, we’re exploring it, yes, we’re developing technology around it, and yes, it’s going to supersede Wi-Fi 6 eventually. Although available for a while now, Wi-Fi 6 is still the most relevant networking protocol and has yet to be fully adopted by all newer Wi-Fi devices. Will the mass market be ready for another update in 2024? It depends on your definition of ready, but whenever this happens, we’ll be at the forefront of the market. In the meantime, 2024 will be the year we integrate networking components from Snap One’s Araknis brand with Access Networks’ flagship custom Core Network. This combination provides integrators a powerful networking solution with extensive customization possibilities.

Managed services is our passion and one of the key differentiators of Access Networks. There’s a good reason why we focus on it. Designing, configuring, and deploying high-performance networks can be a complex exercise. By offering dealers comprehensive service and support from project inception to completion, we ensure that each and every installation is successful. In 2024, we’ll continue to refine our managed services programs to cater to the demands of the evolving market and our dealers.

Being a member of the Snap One family of brands aligns perfectly with our managed services approach. Snap One supports and strengthens these endeavors with an impressive array of Partner benefits and perks that Access Networks dealers can apply to their purchases, which will get even better for Access Networks in 2024.

“From networking products to Partner programs, 2024 will be a banner year for Access Networks and the networking category in general. We’re excited about the future and prepared to make networking as attractive and alluring as all the other shiny technology boxes.”

Featured In: CE Pro

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