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Snap One Debuts Episode MoIP Amplifier and Triad Solutions at CEDIA Expo 2023

The new Episode MoIP Amplifier Series is Snap One’s first audio-over-IP solution, which offers integration to receive HDMI and line-level signals from Binary MoIP media distribution transmitters. The three amplifier models make it easy to design IP-based rooms, with one-, three- and six-zone versions offering three, six or 12 channels, respectively. All signals travel over the network and are scalable systems with the ability to use the Cat5 or Cat6 cabling and place gear where it is convenient, including close to speakers, to reduce speaker wire lengths and improve quality. Snap One says MoIP requires fewer audio cables than traditional installations and enables rapid deployment through OvrC, offering a total media distribution solution for residential and light commercial needs. With a MoIP amplifier and a Control4 controller, there is no longer a need to connect audio cabling whatsoever. These amplifiers are also able to receive network-based streaming audio from Control4 without traditional digital or analog inputs.

Also at CEDIA, Snap One is debuting its new Control4 CORE lite Controller. This single-room control system can help introduce new clients to home control or provide simple expansion options for existing Control4 users. Currently, as a bundle with any Control4 remote, including the new Halo Remote, it provides access to leading features, including OvrC management, smart integrations with more than 20,000 device drivers and personalized automation.

The voice-capable Halo Remote includes familiar hard buttons and a 2.8-inch screen that helps users navigate and make selections. It also offers users flexibility, with the Control4 app for Android and iOS presenting full controls for all system functions. For integrators and end customers interested in handheld control, the Halo Touch Remote takes all the benefits and power of the Halo Remote and upgrades it with a 3.2-inch color touchscreen that further simplifies navigation with Control4 OS 3 favorites.

Another new highlight on display is the Triad SA1 Streaming Amplifier, which replaces the Triad One for streaming amplification. Offering two 200w channels, HDMI ARC/eARC support Dolby Atmos and DTS formats. Snap One says it’s a solution for single-room media systems or 2.1 audio zones. The small-format device offers extensive DSP controls including tone, subwoofer EQ, room EQ and speaker EQ presets for all Triad and Episode speaker models, enabling faster and more precise installations. The Triad SA1 Streaming Amplifier is powered by the Ryff audio platform within Control4, allowing end customers to easily stream audio.

Also on display at the booth will be the new PAMP V2 that “takes Triad to the next level with elevated visual design, even higher performance and incredible scalability.” The PAMP V2 boasts 25% more power for higher output with lower distortion and a digital Class-D architecture for “efficient, high-resolution” audio – even at high volumes. Global inputs and outputs, independent linkage and bridgeable speaker outputs provide flexibility for even the highest output installs, and with a 5-year warranty, partners can install PAMP V2 with confidence.

Triad offers them in a number of configurations featuring either 3-, 4-, 5- or 6-inch drivers, one to three channels and custom lengths up to 86 inches in 1/8-inch increments. They are designed to match the timbre and performance of other Triad speakers, so they can be mixed and matched as desired.

The Triad Dual Powered Subwoofer line of active subwoofers is debuting and includes 700W 8-inch and 10-inch models, and 1200W 12-inch and 15-inch models that can each maintain maximum power for a full 60 seconds. With a new design, seven standard colors and customization capability, auto room EQ, an optional wireless transmitter and easy setup through Android and iOS, they make an “excellent choice” for a wide variety of home theater and listening room needs. For smaller rooms or customers who want less visible solutions, the Triad Slim Subwoofer line offers 8-inch, 10-inch and 12-inch models in six colors that can be wall mounted or placed in-room. They can also be custom colored to match any room and are compatible with new Triad Subwoofer Rack Amplifiers.

For customers who want “maximum performance and power,” integrators can rely on Triad Cinema Subwoofers in 12-inch, 15-inch, 18-inch and 18-inch dual voice coil configurations to fill any media room or home theater with cinema-quality bass. Featuring a new design suitable for in-room or behind-the-screen installation, each model utilizes a new mount system with hidden hardware, includes a baffle cover and magnetic cloth grille, and is compatible with new Triad Subwoofer rack amplifiers.

All of Triad’s passive subwoofers can now be powered through new Triad Subwoofer Rack Amplifiers, which offer 700W, 1200W or 2400W of power, respectively. These amps make all Triad in-room, in-ceiling, in-wall and Cinema passive subwoofers capable of an impressive full minute of full-power output while providing a microphone-based auto room EQ solution, a web UI with IP control and easy setup through an Android or iOS app.

Finally ,also debuting are the better Episode Home Theater speakers that can handle Dolby Atmos, DTS:X and Auro-3D. Comprising a full suite of in-room satellites, monitors, towers, on-wall and in-room LCRs, the Episode Home Theater line empowers integrators to build theaters with “simple installation, problem-preventing features and pro-level performance.”

The product line includes in-wall, in-ceiling and in-room LCRs, plus in-wall surround and in-room tower speakers.

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