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Triad®, A Legacy of Audio Excellence

Great audio technology is the foundation for many of the incredible entertainment experiences delivered by home integrators and enjoyed by music fans, enthusiasts and home cinema or media room users across the globe.


At Snap One™, we have a strong history in this space through our long-established brand, Triad.


For nearly four decades, Triad has designed, engineered, and manufactured the finest loudspeakers for the home, allowing integrators to bring high quality audio performance into sophisticated living environments.  Triad was the world’s first manufacturer to build fully custom speakers to satisfy the most discerning audiophiles and interior designers alike. From colour to cabinet size, Triad loudspeakers were renowned for the way they could be expertly tailored to the needs of the client.

Through years of innovation and refinement, the Triad brand has built loudspeakers for audio perfection using innovative design and high-performance materials. The result is soundscapes that bring a breathtaking level of authenticity, clarity and detail to the entertainment experience. At the same time, the integrator benefits from an attention to detail in meeting their needs which saves time and money in specification and installation.  

In fact, Triad’s progress as a brand and its continuing attraction today can be measured in three pivotal areas: exceptional audio quality, seamless installation, and unmatched customisation opportunities.

These qualities are exemplified by our Triad PDX range, a series which includes thirteen speakers and nineteen accessories, including optional custom-coloured grilles, rear enclosures and pre-construction brackets for discrete in-wall and in-ceiling installation.  

Superior Audio Quality

Designed and engineered at the Triad HQ in Portland, Oregon where artistry, engineering and experience intersect to create category-defining products, Triad PDX creates a remarkable listening experience by using high-performance materials and the finest components like carbon fibre, Kevlar, Teteron, dual voice coils, chemically etched metal components, and more.

For example, on Triad PDX Series 4 loudspeakers, the high fibre count woven Carbon Fibre woofer's strength and responsiveness ensures stunning linear tonal balance, while the cone's PVA coating dampens resonance for higher sonic purity. A high excursion 1-1/4" voice coil allows increased motor stamina, heat reduction, improved power handling, and superior bass performance.

Meanwhile, on Series 5 Triad PDX loudspeakers, the infusion of Kevlar into carbon fibre for the woofer allows customers to experience every audible detail with precision technology and build quality. The interwoven Kevlar and Carbon fibre with PVA coating command higher control of cone breakup, while the aluminium shorting ring further fine-tunes sound with tighter bass and enhanced distortion reduction. The fusion of top-tier material selection and design distinction of Triad PDX has yet to be seen in architectural audio.

A tweeter adjustment switch helps integrators deliver detailed and clear sound in any space. It compensates for both an overly reflective or overly damped room by either cutting or increasing the tweeter level to improve performance, while the woofer adjustment allows integrators to fine-tune the speaker's low frequencies depending on the interaction between the speaker and the room.


Triad PDX loudspeakers also feature an optional rear enclosure that reduces sound propagation to adjacent rooms while giving a predictable environment for installation, providing customers with the very best audio experience.


Triad’s heritage is also significant in the suitability of Triad PDX loudspeakers for Dolby Atmos immersive home cinemas. Triad is a brand that’s aligned with Dolby and has been for many, many years. Triad was selected by Dolby Labs as their Development Partner for Home Atmos, creating a long and fruitful relationship. It resulted in Triad teaming with them to demonstrate Home Atmos for the first time at CEDIA in 2014, even before Atmos capable electronics were released.  Now with Triad PDX, we are in a great position to support and advise installers on the best way to demonstrate and deploy these high-quality immersive cinemas for their clients.


Install with Ease

Triad PDX loudspeakers are supremely quick and simple to install.


They feature Push Lock by Swarm technology, a toolless mounting solution. Push Lock secures the speaker with the simple press of a button for the fastest and most secure install on the market for both in-ceiling and in-wall speakers. Plus, the clips move down an extra 6mm when installers need additional security with their fixing, for example, on uneven ceilings.


Each speaker can be installed at once with no special tools, or installers can remove the speaker and install the cradle with its optional backbox and grille, which allows them to return and place the speaker post-construction. This prevents the speaker from being stolen or damaged during the construction process and allows for HVAC pressure testing for certification of occupancy.


An Eye for Design

 Triad PDX can easily meet a customer’s specific design preferences and aesthetic tastes for any particular room. Integrators can order their speakers with a standard Triad white speaker grille or a custom-coloured grille to match the room's décor or wall/ceiling colour, for a harmonious blend between technology and interior design, enhancing the overall ambience of the space.


Triad’s reputation is built on a long line of quality products which have been expertly engineered and tirelessly refined to provide the best audio experience possible. In Triad PDX loudspeakers, we have the perfect marriage of simplified installation technology with a legacy of excellence in engineering, construction and performance.  It’s a great fit for every installer.

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