Inactive Customer Account Policy

Snap One offers various services where customers may register for and manage a customer account, including Control4, Luma, and OvrC Connect(“Customer Account”).

An “Inactive Customer Account” is an account that has not been used within a one-year period. Snap One reserves the right to suspend an Inactive Customer Account. When an account is suspended, the customer will be required to contact Snap One Customer Support tore-activate the account. All programming and account data will be retained for Inactive Customer Accounts and can be accessed upon reactivation.

If an Inactive Customer Account remains inactive for an additional period of one year, totaling at least two consecutive years of inactivity, Snap One reserves the right to permanently delete the account and its activity, and any related data stored with Snap One. Snap One also reserves the right to permanently delete accounts that have been inactive for a period of greater than two years.

January 1, 2024 is the earliest a Customer Account will be deleted under this policy.

How Snap One Defines Activity

A Customer Account that directs activity and connects with Snap One cloud systems is considered active. This includes any activity using your Customer Account that requires an internet connection, including the following actions:

  • Controller check-ins
  • Use of the Control4, OvrC Connect, or Luma mobile apps
  • Web-enabled third party drivers that authenticate your local system to the cloud (e.g., Alexa or Google integration with Control4)
  • Remote access and system configuration by a certified Control4 dealer    

Customer Account activity is demonstrated by account and not by device. You can demonstrate activity on any device where you’re signed into your Customer Account (e.g., iPhone or Android).


30 days before your Customer Account is suspended or deleted, you will receive notice from Snap One informing you of the impending change. Notice will be sent to the email account associated with your Customer Account. Logging in or connecting to the internet at any point during the 30-day period after notification will automatically reactivate your account.

If your Customer Account is not reactivated within the 30-day period after receiving notice, Snap One reserves the right to suspend your Customer Account for a one-year period. If it remains suspended for an additional year, Snap One reserves the right to delete your Customer Account.

Accounts Not Connected to the Internet

Even where a Customer Account is inactive or deleted and not connected to the internet, your products and system may still be used locally. This could include local control of shades, lighting, local audio, TV control, and scheduling. However, if you wish to connect your products to the internet, you will need to create a new Customer Account or reactivate your Inactive Customer Account.  


For any inquiries or concerns regarding this policy or the status of aCustomer Account, please contact Snap One’s Customer Support team at

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