OvrC Notice for End-Users

This Notice is intended to help explain to end users (“you” or “your”) of Snap One connected products how OvrC functions. If you have OvrC enabled on your network and/or connected devices, please review the information provided below.

What is OvrC? OvrC is a SaaS support platform owned and operated by Snap One and used by Snap One dealers (“Dealers”) to provide remote assistance and management to the IP enabled devices on their customers’ networks. OvrC allows Dealers to remotely manage, configure, and troubleshoot certain issues with a customer’s devices and network without the need and expense of coming to the customer’s home. For more information on OvrC, visit OvrC.com.

What Information do we collect through OvrC? As it relates to the use of OvrC with your network and devices, we collect information under the direction of your Dealer for the purpose of allowing your Dealer to remotely monitor and troubleshoot your devices. Your Dealer acts as the data controller, and you are the data subject or data owner. Accordingly, you own the data that is shared with your Dealer through OvrC and your Dealer may only process your data with your consent.

By using OvrC, your Dealer has agreed to our OvrC terms and conditions that are available here. These terms and conditions require your Dealer to respect your rights as the data owner. We also require your Dealer to confirm that it has obtained your consent to use OvrC on your network.

Snap One acts as a data processor or service provider for data processed through OvrC and processes your data and information collected through OvrC at the request of your Dealer. Snap One respects your privacy and takes seriously the privacy and security of your data. For more information about Snap One’s privacy and security practices, please visit https://www.snapone.com/privacy.

The types of data that are commonly collected through OvrC and stored by Snap One depend on your devices and configuration, but may include:

  • Model and serial numbers of your connected products
  • Media Access Control (MAC) address of those products
  • The version and type of software on those products
  • Make and model of third-party services and devices connected on your network
  • Names you or your Dealer give to devices connected on your network
  • Whether your device is online or offline
  • When your devices are used
  • Your device settings and alterations you or your Dealer make

OvrC does not provide your Dealer access to the substantive information on your devices. For example, through OvrC your Dealer may be able to see whether your network is on and functioning and which devices are connected to your network, but he or she cannot access any content shared over the network or access or view any files on any devices connected to your network without additional authorization by You.

For more information about the data that Snap One may collect from your use of our products and services, please see our Privacy Policy.

Your relationship with Snap One through OvrC: You may create your own OvrC account by downloading and using the OvrC Connect mobile app. This allows you as the device owner to remotely monitor and manage your OvrC connected devices, including the ability to reboot troubled audio, visual, networking, surveillance, and other equipment.

If you do not sign up for OvrC Connect, we, as the data processor, may have no direct relationship with you for the information collected and managed by your Dealer through your Dealer’s use of OvrC. That said, you as the data owner may contact your Dealer at any time to control your Dealer’s access and use of OvrC.

After contacting your Dealer, should you or your Dealer have additional questions, please feel free to contact Snap One.

Additionally, as described in our Privacy Policy, you have certain rights, depending on your jurisdiction and applicable law, related to the processing of your data. Please review our Privacy Policy for information on how to exercise those rights.

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